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New program

We have updated our social program. For family and friends who are not compeeting it is possible to join the social program, opening, BBQ and pricegiving dinner. The costs are euro 65,00 p/p. Please email us via the contact form if you want to join the social program.


Sailing and Social program

  • Monday 5th august 10:00 – 18:00 measurements
  • Tuesday 6th august 09:00 – 17:00 measurements
  • Tuesday  14:00 tune up race
  • Tuesday  18:00 -19.00 opening ceremony at Radboud Castle with some drinks and fingerfood. No dinner.
  • Wednesday 7th august 09:00 skippers briefing
  • Wednesday  11:00 warning signal race 1-3 | 3 races are planned
  • Wednesday after racing free drinks at the pier.
  • Wednesday 18.00 BBQ at the MED Yachtclub and after BBQ Italian super band!
  • Thursday 8th august 09:00 skippers briefing
  • Thursday  11:00 warning signal race 4-6 | 3 races are planned
  • Thursday after racing free drinks at the pier. No evening program.
  • Friday 9th august 09:00 skippers briefing
  • Friday  a.s.a.p warning signal race 7-8 | 2 races are planned
  • Friday t 18:00 -18.30 start  dinner and price giving at Radboud Castle ( DJ included)

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